Problem in configure yahoo mail with phone

Experiencing difficulty in configuring your yahoo mail account with your phone?

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Internet is now not limited to desktop and laptops more than 50% world wide web activities are now carried via mobile phone as it is independent of location, it is portable and it is handy, same applies for the emailing system.

Emailing via mobile is one of the best and important internet application. Where email service gives us the freedom to connect and communicate. Email service is the cost effective and efficient way to transmit all kinds of electronic data, for professionals and personal use.

When one is able to access this email service on their mobile then they can communicate from any place and at any time. This makes information sharing very easy with friends, relatives, colleagues and near & dear ones, also Mobile-emails benefitted the professional world by helpingmobile professionals to remain connected with their all resources like employers, suppliers, customers, distributors all times.

Users can now access their Yahoo emails in android, windows, iOS system of phone. They can send or receive emails from their mobile phones.

There are various manual processes in configuring the email service in your phone, user can directly open their yahoo account by adding their email account through phone setting or they can use the yahoo mail appavailable for both android and iPhone. They can also add yahoo mail account through POP and IMAP.

The simplest method to add yahoo account on android phone is:

  • Go to the setting of your device
  • Click onAdd account.
  • Click onEmail.
  • Enter your full Yahoo email address and password.
  • Tap Next.
  • Optionally adjust your sync settings, then tap Next.
  • Enter the name you want displayed on your outgoing mail, then tap Next.

But while configuring the yahoo account with your phone many people got stuck in between or they are unable to add it because of number of reasons.

Below are the common errors in your mobile users receive while or after adding the yahoo mail account with phones.

  • If you are android mobile phone user, you might sometime experience problem in sending outgoing emails, and attempts to reconnect to the outgoing server result in the error message mainly due to APN (Access point name).
  • Configuration of your android device.
  • Accessing multiple account in your phone.
  • Troubleshooting SMTP problems.
  • Setup AT&T emails in the email client
  • Reset of your email address and the password in your phone.
  • Error in sending the emails through your phone.

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