Email Sending and Receiving Problems

Are you facing problems while sending or receiving mails via your yahoo mail account? Then you have landed on a right place customer help number will you fastest and efficient solution to your problem.

If you are a user of yahoo email service and have encountered any problem while trying to send or receive any mails, then just dial our customer help number and our expert team will immediately get back to you with the easy to implement solution.

As the features, have started increasing the main criterion of email services that communication through sending and receiving emails some time got erupted due to internet or technical problems or while managing the other high end features like calendar, themes, horoscope, social media, promotion, entertainment and news etc.

Yahoo customer help number is present 24*7 to help you if any of the situation falls:

There is a problem in receiving emails in Yahoo Mail-

If the important and expected mails are not coming on the mail account, then this is just not frustratingalso this can result in regrettable situation for example if any job offer is being sent to your yahoo mail but not received on your end then you might not meet the requirements mention in that document or any other important mail can be missed out.In such cases follow these steps to check if there's a problem with your account or the sender's account that's avoiding the mail to reach at your mail account.

Do these steps to Check if your account has any errors on sending or receiving mails:

Problems in Receiving Mails:

Login to your yahoo email account and with any device and try sending an email to yourself by entering your email id,

If You receive your mail that means your account is working well there is problem with the sender's account, then call our yahoo customer help number to further solve the problem.

But If you got any error that indicate there is an error on your account that needed to be fixed soon in this case go on your account setting and check the following which might preventing mails to get visible on your inbox

  • Spam folder - carefully Check your spam folder to see if there is incorrect marking for emails.
  • Blocked Email address or Contacts - you might have blocked the expected sender mistakenly.
  • Email filters or Customized Folder - Check all your folders and filters in case the email has arrived on another folder because of the filtration.
  • Reply-to address - Check your reply to address it should be blank.

If the above didn't work just call us on our toll-free number, we will solve this issue as soon as possible as being the customer help service this is our only job to solve all yahoo user's issues to make their email service experience smooth and easy.

If your Yahoo account is working fine you can ask the sender to check their account as problem definitely exist on their side

  • ‣ Ask the sender to check the email address, the sender might have entered your full email address incorrectly.
  • ‣ If this didn't work ask them to contact their email provider for further assistance or refer customer help number if they are also using yahoo mail service, then our expert will take this issue and provide the instant solution.

Problems in sending Mails:

If you sent an email from yahoo account and it is not received at receiver's end neither got any error message, or if you sent any mail and it is not sent and show up an error message in both the situation customer help service will give you the gateway to this situation call us on our yahoo customer help number.

If message wasn't sent and no error message displayed, then check your sent and draft folder that the email was successfully sent or is it is still in draft. If the mail is in draft, then send it.

Check the email address of the sender that you enter in the 'To' field whether is right or not.

If above didn't work, then follow below:
  • ‣ Ask the recipient to check their account's Spam folder - may happen that your mail have been delivered to their spam folder.
  • ‣ Ask the recipient to check Blocked address list - the recipient might have mistakenly or accidently blocked Your email address.
  • ‣ Ask the recipient to check their Account Filters - Your mail might have redirected to other folders because of filters.

There are many complexities that may preventing your mail to be sent or receive so take the wise decision and call us at our toll free customer help number to get the quickest and best solution to your yahoo email sending or receiving problems, we are here to serve you.