Yahoo Mail Attachment Problems

Being the one of the best email service provider Yahoo provides ultimate attachment feature to its users, Yahoo mail users can send any document, share images, or add GIF to their email.

Via email you can send any type of the file to the other user in seconds. Though the mail attachment process is very easy but many times it happened that user try to attach files or images or any other document but they couldn't do it, problem in attachment is

Sometime u find some issues in the email attachments as-

  • Significant delay in adding an attachment and sending the attachment.
  • Problem regarding the file size , there are some limitation of file sixe in the attachments.
  • Troubleshooting in opening the attachments. It occur due to absence of software required in opening the file
  • Virus, worms issue in the attachments
  • Problem regarding in opening an multimedia file in the attachment.
  • Error in the recongnization of the file is in the compressed format that is not zip.

There are various attachment troubleshooting problem face by user during sending an attachment in emails due to various reasons as size limits in the message by the email service providers.

There are many attachment blocker that actually preconfigured to block the attachment that cause problem in accessing the attachment.

Send your resume, share a favorite picture, or add a silly GIF to your email.

Attach files from your computer

  • 1. Click Compose.
  • 2. Click the Attach icon
  • 3. Click Attach files from computer.
  • 4. Locate the file to attach, click Open.

Add files from the cloud, from recent emails, or GIFS from the internet

  • 1. Click Compose.
  • 2. Click the Attach icon
  • 3. Select the type of file to insert or attach:
    • a. Share files from cloud providers
    • b. Add photos from recent emails
    • c. Insert animated GIFs
  • 4. Search for or browse items in the right column.
  • 5. Click an item to attach it.
Preview and download attachments

Preview attachments without downloading

Save time and space using the Preview Attachments feature.

  • 1. Open an email containing attachments.
  • 2. Click on the attachment's thumbnail.
  • 3. Click View all to see multiple attachments.
  • 4. Click the X when finished.

Download an attachment

We automatically scan for viruses in attachments so you can download them worry-free.

  • 1. Open a message containing an attachment.
  • 2. Mouse over the attachment thumbnail.
  • 3. Click Download or Download all for multiple attachments.

Your browser saves the file to its default location (varies) or prompts you to save it.

Problems attaching and downloading

Experiencing difficulty when attaching or downloading? Here are a few common issues.

  • Special characters - remove special characters from the title and try again.
  • Unsupported web browser - make sure you're using a supported web browser.
  • Email containing files that can be a security risk won't be delivered - we don't support a variety of file formats, such as .exe, .bat, and .jar, because they can be used to distribute malware.